ENO Ceramics, a Hungarian interior design brand crafting ceramics for every space. Our exquisite lighting designs are perfect for your home interior.

ENO Ceramics is a Hungarian interior design brand. We produce handmade design objects made from ceramics, which are applicable to any part of your home, let it be your living room, bedroom, office space or kitchen.

It all started when our love for ceramics met with our passion for interior design. And what better way to incorporate a touch of uniqueness to every interior than by a handmade ceramic design lamp, which both has an essential function and a subtle way of showing individuality? Let us show you inside our world of ceramic interior design!

In our workshop we create every single piece of product by hand with mindfulness, love and care. Each ENO Ceramics item has a personality, which we believe will bring you joy and beauty to your life!


All our creations are handmade – built, slip cast or wheel thrown. The raw pieces, when dry, are fired at 960-1000 ℃/Cone 08-06. After the bisque firing, comes the glazing. This part too has a huge range of possibilities. There are low fire, mid-range and high fire glazes.

Ceramic offers a wide range of options, when decorating. It comes in many colors – metallic, vibrant, matte, shining/vivid tones – and they can be paired with each other!


Do you own a hotel, restaurant or would you like to own a personalized item in your home or office space? Tell us what you would like and will be happy to create it!

Production/Unique orders

  •  Because of natural material variations, shrinkage sizes shown are approximate only.
  •  Special sizes can be considered on a custom basis.
  •  Custom shades (sizes, colors, shapes) are available upon request and will be priced accordingly.

The production time depends on the chosen, used methods.

How it is made
How it is made
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