Oil diffuser set in natural gift box – mint bowl


Use and enjoy naturally the aromas of your favorite essential oils with our handformed clay stones,
fired at the perfect temperature to absorb and diffuse the healing scents.
They offer a decorative and unique way of diffusing oils with using no power in your home, office, or car.
Place them in the nice round bowl, add a few drops of essential oil and place them in your favorite spots.
The set is ready to use, sell, give away as a gift. The box and filling is 100 % natural, recyclable!
It contains one bowl and nine clay stones.
The essential oil is not part of the set!
It is great for small rooms or placed next to where you spend a lot of time.
The clay pebbles are handformed and fired to 960 C.
It is the temperature where clay absorbs and diffuses liquids, scents in a 100 % natural way.
When the aromas dissipate from the stones, you can change, use new oils – no need to wash the clay stones.
The oil aroma usually lasts for a couple of hours.
Of course it depends on which oil you use, on your sense of smell and the environment.
Start with only some drops and increase the number of drops if you need stronger aroma.
Using clay to diffuse essential oils is a form of natural diffusion which gives more control over the diffusion process.

It is energy saving. No need to clean or use extra water.

Bowl size : 9,5 cm Diameter / approx.: 4 cm tall