Bedside table lamp SAT A white crackelé
Modern table lamp SAT A
Modern table lamp SAT A
Modern artisan table lamp SAT A
Modern bedside table lamp SAT A

Modern handmade white crackelé glazed ceramic table lamp – white glaze with black cracks&lines


Sat A is a modern, handcrafted table lamp aiming for the skies with its light, a balance of shapes that grant an elegant aesthetic through its functionality. The body is assembled with hand from 3 pieces. The final color is achieved by using cracked glaze and black special ink. Fired at 1080 C / 1976 F. The SAT A Crackelé white is part of a unique and modern lighting collection inspired by aesthetic and minimalism. The joined halves create classic symmetry, balance and proportionate form.

Ceramic lamps have become an increasingly popular choice for interior decor in modern homes. Their ability to seamlessly blend both functionality and aesthetic appeal has made them a sought- after lighting option. With their soft and warm glow, ceramic lamps create a cozy and inviting ambiance in any room.

One of the unique features that sets ceramic lamps apart is the clay textures found in their lamp bases. These textures add a touch of earthiness

Dimensions – witdth approx : 25 cm/10 inch , height approx. : 23 cm/ 9 inches (with light bulb it reaches 28-30 cm / 11-12 inch)

Fitted with EU or US/Canadian(with E26 lampholder) or UK wiring/plug/lampholder Fitting is based on destination country – if you wish otherwise please message us!

Lampholder  EU/UK: E27
Lampholder USA/CAN : E26

Light source : max. 40 W.
Protection class : II.
IP rating : 20
Operating voltage : 220-240 V 50 Hz (for EU, UK) or 120V 60HZ (US,CAN)