Safety instructions and maintenance advice

All our lamps are compliant with EU safety regulations. We always attach instruction manual with our lighting products.

The electrical parts are only supplied by official component dealers. (Lamps holders, cables, extenders…etc). If any part of the lamp is damaged, do not try to use it. You immediately have to turn it off / pull it out of the socket. Always check thoroughly the product before the first use.

When pulling out the cable from the socket, please pull it by the plug and not the cable. Never touch the cable plug, lamp holder, extender or any electrical part, device with wet hands!

When changing light bulb always turn off the lamp first and pull the plug out of the socket / power it off.
When changing the light bulb hold the lamp holder with one hand and screw in/out the bulb with the other, so that you can avoid loosening of the parts.

Always power off the lamp before cleaning.

Cleaning ceramics

Always treat , use and clean carefully your ceramic objects. When moving, lifting a vase, bowl, especially when filled with water, fruits..etc , lift it with two hands and not by the top rim. This way you can prevent breaking, damaging.
Never clean the objects with rough, corodent materials. Only with soft, dry clothes.

Thank you for reading and considering our advice.

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